Monday, 17 August 2009

A quick run down of where I am and where I´ve been, 17 August 2009

So I left Buenos Aires on 4th August (I know I haven´t written about all of that yet but I will soon!!)

5th August - Colonia, Uruguay
6th August - Montevideo, Uruguay
7th August - Montevideo, Uruguay
8th August - Porto Alegro, Brazil (Bus Station)
9th August - Sao Paulo
10th August - Sao Paulo - Laura Arrived
11th August - Sao Paulo
12th August - Sao Paulo
13th August - Brasilia
14th August - Brasilia/Alto Paraiso
15th August - Alto Paraiso, Loquinahs
16th August - Alto Paraiso, Parque Nacional Chapada dos Vedeiros
17th August - Alto Paraiso/Brasilia (Bus Station)
18th August - RIO!!!

So, yep, heading to Rio tonight for a few days before hitting the beach and exploring the B.E.A.Utiful Brazilian coast!

As ever I am writing lots in my diary so I will have loads and loads of stories to tell you when I get a rainy day for typing!!!

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