Monday, 10 August 2009

A night on the lash in B.A. 22 July 2009

Buenos Aires is pretty famous for its nightlife, but the prospect of going to a club at 1am and leaving at 6am is one that my 23 year old body isn´t quite accustomed to anymore. The tickets that we had been given in La Boca were for a club call The Museum that opened at 9pm and finished at 3am. This sounded great to us! Ok, it wasn´t hardcore Buenos Aires clubbing, but this was still clubbing in Buenos Aires.

The hostel didn´t permit you to bring drinks in from outside the hostel, so in true stingy backpacker style we sneaked some vodka into some Pasa Del Torros (a great grapefruit fizzy drink) and sat in the kitchen drinking ´Pasa Del Torros´. Of course it went unnoticed to the hostel staff that we got more and more drunk and rowdy as the evening wore on.

My friend Petra that I met in Cordoba came and joined us at the hostel and we had a good group together with the English lads and an Ozzie couple.

At a reasonable time of midnight the eight of us poured into a taxi and to The Museum. We were welcomed to the sound of the Killers `Are we human? Or are we dancer?´. As the 80s/90s cheese flowed we could have been anywhere in the world: Bryan Adams, Queen, Madonna, Bon Jovi, all great tunes.

I say we could have been anywhere in the world... but there was one thing that acted as a constant reminder that we were in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires... THE MEN!

I had been in the club all over 2 minutes before some guy tried to pick me up. And it wasn´t just one guy, but two guys who wanted all my love and attention. They spoke to me in brilliant English and were chatting me up in a truly sleazy way as they kissed my hand and complimented me for my beautiful attire (i had disguised my walking boots with leg warmers that i had bought from the mall earlier, I was certainly not in my best attire... oh i miss my heels!). I managed to lose everyone as I was waylayed by these cassanovas but thankfully Rich stayed close by and was ready to pull me away. I made my apologies to the guys and made a sharp gettaway. I stayed close to Rich as we found the others so to avoid attention.

Even in the queue for the bar I had all the guys around me letching on me.

The worst thought was when I made my way alone back from the toilet... I was collared by a guy who grabbed my hand and kissed it. He then proceeded to chat me up and started playing with my hair. I moved his hand off my hair. He apologised. Then, he reached for my earrings and complimented my earrings. I took his hand again and moved it and told him politely where to go. But even this could not dent his ego. To stop his persistant approach I mentioned my boyfriend who would not be happy about him coming on to me. The guy´s response... ´your boyfriend doesn´t need to know!´ I walked off and even though he tried to pull me back I kept walking and found the others. I didn´t leave the group for the rest of the night!

It wasn´t particularly intimidating, just hilarious! The egos of the men were so inflated and they thought they could have anyone they wanted. It wasn´t just us gringos that got this sort of attention, but the local girls too. It was hilarious to watch... and when the guys got a girl to kiss them... they really went in for the kiss... All the booths were filled with couples giving each other mouth to mouth! I´ve never seen kissing like it. There were couples who remained lip locked for hours without coming up for breath. Seriously lip locked! It wasn´t really a suprise given that every single bench in Argentina has a snogging couple sitting on it, but it was still an impressive feat to behold.

At 3am the lights came on and we headed back to the hostel. The Museum had been an interesting cultural experience.

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