Monday, 10 August 2009

La Bomba Del Tiempo, 27 July 2009

Ooo before I write about this I should mention Scott. Scott the third Ozzie had arrived in BA while we were on our walking tour! So when I got back from my late lunch with Ed he was there. I was worried he might break up the BESTIES bond that had been firmly fixed between Rhiannon, Chris and myself, but instead he just brought a new element to the BESTIES clan and we all got on as if we had all been best friends forever. Ohhh! How cheezy!

Sicne the first time i met Rhiannon she had mentioned this drum show with hippies that takes place every monday!

Today was monday, and we were very excited about drums. We all got ´rugged up´ becuase the venue was outdoors and we worried we might get cold!

We got there and there was a great vibe in the queue. There were loads of stoners as you would expect and loads of gringos which we didn´t expect.

IT had already started when we got there and there was an incredible atmosphere. The drummers were amazing, as was the accordianist - soudns strange but it rocked. You tube them and check them out! I was even tempted to buy a t-shirt! The beer was served in plastic litre glasses and we all drummed around and soaked it all up. Unusually for Argentina, it was all wrapped up at 11pm and everyone left. But it was still an awesome night out. And secretly we all saw it as a bonus that it wrapped up early as it meant we could have an early night!

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