Monday, 10 August 2009

Havanna Alfajor, 23 July 2009

I have been a bit addicted to Alfajor´s since being in Argentina... remember the Dulce de Leche filled Waggon Wheel type things I mentioned before! They are divine... but someone mentioned to me in Mendoza that the best Alfajors could be found in Havanna, the Argentine equivalent of Starbucks...

So when I fell across a nice little Havanna´s looking over Plaza San Martin I decided to take a coffee stop... and an alfajor.

Oh, my, goddness... AMAZING. Not only did these alfajor´s contain the best tasting Dulce de Leche but combined with incredible chocolate and chocolate biscuit too. With a white chocolate and hazelnut latte it was perfecto! Yum!

Definitely the best alfajor´s in argentina, and I am certainly a coinnessuer!

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