Monday, 10 August 2009

Friday night in Buenos Aires with my new BESTIES, 24 July 2009

When I got back to the hostel that evening it was empty. There was hardly anyone around. When I went into the kitchen I fell across two Ozzies from Melbourne (why is it that I always, always, always bump into Ozzies?). The three of us quickly got chatting and after dinner found our way into the hostel bar and made our way through three bottles of wine.

Chris and Rhiannon were wicked. We were all in constant fits of laughter and there was instant banter between the three of us. Now, I have to say that banter is one of the things I miss more than anything since I´ve been travelling. My last year in Cardiff was an absolute banter-fest with the other Sabbatical Officers and the newspaper team, and I jsut haven´t really been in an environment filled with stupid banter since then. It was great to fall back into the banter again.

Rhiannon and Chris were travelling together, but they didn´t really know each other very well. They knew each other through a mutual friend Scott who was due to arrive on Monday, and the three of them were travelling around South America togehter.

As we sat around the bar more people came in and everyone started to talk about where to go and what to do on a Friday night in BA.

With three bottles of wine down our neck, Chris, Rhiannon and I decided to go with everyone in the hostel to the recommended club Crobar. We bought our tickets from the hostel for a reduced price and all made our way out to Palermo.

Before leaving the hostel we had noticed that the tickets were dated for Saturday... we were a little confused, but figured that this was fine, after all, it opened at midnight on friday, which strictly speaking would be saturday.

However, when we got to the queue of the club this wasn´t the case. The spanish speakers amongst us protested and protestedd that we go it. But no, unless we paid another 50 pesos were weren´t getting in. We had already paid 20 pesos for the tickets so tried to bargain that we just paid 30. They were having none of it. There was lots of waiting around in the cold, and we quickly got very sober.

So we all piled back into taxis to the hostels on a mission to get back our 20 pesos that we had paid for the tickets. When we got back to the hostel guy was really apologetic and gave us refunds and free alcohol. This satisfied us all. By this point it was nearly 3am and I was most definitely not in the mood for going back out again in search of another bar. Myself and Rhiannon ended up chatting till 4 before we fell asleep.

It hadn´t been the perfect Friday night, but it had been a laugh none the less and I had made two new BESTIES in the process.

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