Monday, 31 August 2009

Evita, 28 July 2009

So last time I wrote about Evita I told you how much I loved the film, but since being in Buenos Aires I have learnt so much more about Eva Duarte and I thought I would share with you some of the things I have learnt about this amazing woman.

1. She never actually sang from the balcony of Casa Rosada, she just gave an empassioned speech. Damn you Lloyd Webber for changing the course of history!

2. Evita set up the Evita Trust. To put it crudely, she was the Jim 'll Fix It of her day. People all over Argentina would write letters to her asking her for things. For instance beds for a hospital, a football, bicycles. Little things, big things, the people of Argentina wrote to her for the things they needed to improve their lives, and she then went around the country by train and hand delivered all the things to the people! Incredible. I met a man who had written to her asking for a small ball for him and his friends to play with, she came and brought him a full size football, sports clothes and trainers. She was certainly a bit of a legend!

3. When she died Argentina actually ran out of flowers! Flowers had to be imported from other countries!

4. After she died she was embalmed and laid to rest in her old office where she used to work from. She was maintained everyday by a doctor. However, when Peron was otherthrown by the military coup Evita's body was stolen. Her body reappered in Italy 16 years ago. Her body travelled the world and at one point was held by a necrophiliac! How awful!

5. Eva was an illegitemate child, her mother was her father's mistress and although she went by the name of Duarte (her father's name) she was never recognised by officially by the Duarte family. BEcause of this, she hated the middle classes and aristocracy. This makes it kind of wrong that she was eventually laid to rest inside the Recoleta Cemetery in the Duarte tomb, as her father's family represented what she hated...!

6. Madonna looks nothing like Evita.


  1. Does this mean you wont be able to watch the film again? x