Monday, 31 August 2009

An evening of muchos Espagnol... 30 July 2009

Petra's House.

So after shopping Petra invited me back to hers for dinner. I had a date with Elisa and Mercedes later that evening at a music club near to Petra's house so I figured I would hang out there until I had to meet the girls. As we were cooking dinner two of Petra's friends came over and they ended up joining us for dinner. These two friends were Argentine, and thus were fluent in Spanish. Petra is also fluent in Spanish. I am not fluent in Spanish. The evening was hilarious and I actually managed to understand the conversations and evening made some input into the conversation! It was not easy and it took a great deal of concentration but it was good! Woohoo! Another Spanish success.

The Pena

A Pena is a folklorica music club, and Elisa and Mercedes were there and waiting for me with some other firends. By the time I reached them I was late, very late! But they didn't mind. They were all falling asleep and Elisa informed me that the band that were playing as I arrived were really bad. I could tell they were bad! Awful in fact! I sat and chatted with Elisa in English and then she announced that she was going to leave beacuse she was tired and had work. I stayed a bit longer as Mercedes told me in her broken spanish that the next band were much better. Now, when i've been with mercedes and elisa, it ahs always been elisa that has been the translator and carried the conversation. SO with elisa gone conversation became very difficult. No it didn't become difficult, it became more challenging. One of the other friends spoke a bit of English and the four of us got through and my spanish jsut seeemed to get beetter and better from nowhere. I even managed to have a conversation with them about superstitions! Go me! Go my spanish!

The taxi home.

At about 2am I was falling asleep, it had been an evening of real concentration and it really tested my spanish abilities. I climbed into a taxi to head back to the hostel... I had a chatty cabby! My night wasn't over yet! I still had to get through the 15 minute journey maintaining conversation in Spanish. And i managed. I did it!

I lay in bed that night really proud of my ever improving Spanish skills! Woohoo!

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