Monday, 10 August 2009

COLOUR! 22 July 2009

Since I´ve been in Argentina I´ve been surrounded by lots of greens and browns. The colours I have seen have been very natural and earthy. All the knitwear, all the paintings, all the jewellery, in fact everything... brown and green.

Now, I have no problem with natural earthy colours per se, but I do love bright colours and I just haven´t seen any, anywhere, since I landed in South America!

Untill... Buenos Aires, and more specifically... LA BOCA!

La Boca is the notoriously rough part of town, but with it´s poverty comes a vibrancy of life and with it´s brightly painted houses and buildings Caminito exemplifies this vibrancy.

Straight off the bus the colour was everywhere. It wasn´t a beautiful blue sky day, but the these buildings didn´t need sunshine to bring them to life, they were bright enough even on this cloudy, baltic day.

Not only were we bombarded by colour, but by promoters for all the cafes that lined the street.

Initially Rhiannon and I indulged in the conversation with the promoters, and we were happy to take their fliers and make conversation with them... but by the end of the street we were sick of it. We were absolutely sick of it. Everytime we stopped to admire a pretty building or papier mache model of Che Guevara or Evita we we harrassed. ´Come see tango!´ ´Come to my restaurant!´´Eat my food!´

We found a retreat in an art gallery and then had a fairly quiet walk along the art street. There were so many colourful paintings it was beautiful! I have been buying paintings from all the different countries that I have visited on this trip, and at last I was seeing paintings that I wanted to buy again. As this was my first day in BA i decided not to rush my painting purchases and gave myself time to contemplate.

We decided that we would go for a coffee in one of the cafes, it was freezing and we needed to get warm. We ended up in a great rustic place with a bit of tango going on and ate some great soup. As a bonus we got free tickets for a club in the city that evening. The tango was awesome and Buenos Aires was already living up to the high expectations that I had set for it.

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