Monday, 31 August 2009


Now, I'm not really a big fan of steak. Scandal, I know! But I just don't really get the big deal. At least, that was until this evening.

Myself, Rhiannon, Scott, Chris, Caroline (Swedish girl from our hostel) and Petra (the Ozzie girl I met in Cordoba) all made our way out to Palermo to La Cabrera, the restaurant that Lonely Planet refers to as SPLURGE! Rich and Rhiannon had seconded the Lonely Planet's recomendation so it just had to be done.

The restaurant was lovely, very rustic, lots of bare brick, black boards and cool posters and art on the walls.

After much dilemma over what to choose Rhiannon and I went for the Kobe Wagu Steak (Rich and Rhiannon had told me that you get so much meat that sharing is the way to go!). The boys told me that Wagu was the best steak in the world, and although it was the most expensive thing on the menu, I figured that as I was in probably one of the best steak houses in the world I should probably try the best steak in the world.

With the dinner order placed we sat and munched on bread. The bread was incredible, and we all get very excited. If the bread was this good, the steak woud be amazing!

In order to save money we went for the cheapest bottle of red on the menu... it was also incredible. Can't remember what it was, but it was bloody good!

We had sneakily ordered some starters... blood suasage and chorizo sausage. And when they brought the starters out we were again blown away by the incredible food.

Just ebfore the steaks came out we all had a bit of a panic... no one had ever asked us how we wanted our steaks cooking! noooo! would things turn out disastrous...? no of course it wouldn't, the bread was just too good!

The steaks arrived...! We had all decided to go for the Wagu, the boys had one each but us girls shared one between two.

My knife went through my meat like butter. I slowly put the piece of meat in my mouth. Inside my mouth was an explosion of mouthwatering tasste sensation. I think my words were 'This is the best piece of meat I have EVER eaten'. The meat was cooked and seasoned to sheer perfection.

Instantly I became a steak lover.

I don't think I have ever eaten a meal before where i have savoured absolutely every single mouthful. When it came to the last piece of meat I was devestated. Total perfection!

I declared to the table that I never wanted to eat another thing ever again in my life, i wanted the taste of the steak to remain in my mouth forever!

Then I was given the dessert menu. 'I´ll have the forest fruit pavlova with mascapone por favor'.

After dessert came free champagne and free lollipops. Incredible. I think this is actually the best meal i have ever eaten in my life ever. I just can't describe how amaxing it was!

After dinner we went for drinks in a bar. Inside the bar there was a pink disco ball, but this was no ordinary pink disco ball... oh no it was shaped as a camel! Kitsch!

I slept that night dreaming of steak!

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