Monday, 31 August 2009

Another trip to Palermo, 2 August 2009

Tour guide Amz was enlisted again on Monday to take the girls shopping in Palermo. However, my knowledge of Palermo is not very vast and we spent quite a while lost as I tried to navigate my way to the shops.

I felt much cooler on this occasion in Palermo. The previous time I had been wearing my ski jacket, this time, i was wearing my leather jacket! The height of coolness. We all felt very Sex and the City as we ate lunch in a great little plaza and drank Cosmopolitans.

I took the girls around the shops and they all got the bits and pieces that they needed. I was having a detox from spending, given that I had bought a bag, a jacket and a painitng in the previous two days!

I did however try on THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS IN THE WORLD EVER! I had spied it in the window of a posh looking shop and with Pippa's encouragement I went to try it on!

Oh my goodness it looked so pretty, it looked great on! Black, lace, beads and sequins. Long sleeves. Super short. Shuper stunning! Three hundred pounds! Given the incredible beading and lace work it was so worth it. As it stood admiring myself in the mirror with the price tag in hand I said to the girls... 'Do i buy the dress, or do the Inca trail?' The girls told me that as beautiful as it was I HAD to do the Inca Trail. So it was not to be!

We continued round the shops a bit longer till everyone's shopping lists were ticked.

As we were close to the incredible chocolate ice cream shop I took my tour group for chocolate ice cream. The girls also agreed that the chocolate ice cream was incredible! rather than getting a small individual tub, harri and I found it financially and stomach satisfyingly beneficial to share a quarter of a litre tub! Gorge!!!

From the ice cream we headed back to the hostel... we needed to get ourselves ready for dinner... at La Cabrera! AGAIN!

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