Monday, 10 August 2009

Another Tenedor Libre, 23 July 2009

Did I tell you about Elisa and Mercedes who I met on my trip to Cafayate? Well, they live in Buenos Aires and have been in email contact with me since we first met back in Salta. Elisa told me a restaurant which was really great where we could meet for dinner.

I couldn´t find the street on my map so I asked the receptionist for directions... She told me I was going to a place that was OFF THE MAP! Oh yeah, venturing off the map! Her directions sounded really complicated so I took a cab.

Taxi journeys can sometimes be average and boring... however, this was an awesome taxi ride. The entire taxi was filled with disney stuffed toys, the windows were filled with disney stickers and worryingly the rear view mirror was also covered in Disney stickers. Brilliant. The driver showed me the dangly disney thing that hung from his rearview mirror that lit up! Pure brilliance. I´m not sure it quite beats the Elvis cabbie in Hertford but it was pretty special none the less.

I got out at the restaurant and met Elisa and Mercedes and discovered that this restaurant was another Tenedor Libre. I had been taken by surprise, I hadn´t had the time to contemplate the eat as much as you can dilemma... arghh!

The three of us took a table and started chatting. The girls had been on holiday when I met them and they told me stories about what they had seen and i told them stories about what i had seen. We did a lot of chatting in Spanish and English (so we could all practice) AND, because we were talking so much we didn´t do a great deal of eating. Well, we did. We ate enought so that we weren´t starved, but it was more about the conversation than trying to eat your moneys worth.

It was funny, at my previous tenedor libre experiences i have always sat with fellow backpackers marvelling at how the locals just don´t get the ´eat as much as you can´element, and then here i was, eating with locals in the same way.

It was a lovely evening and I was perfectly satisfied with my meal and with my company. My spanish is definitely coming along well! The girls invited me to a folklorica evening for the following week and we said our goodbyes.

My taxi back was distinctly average.

Feeling a little ropey after several late nights i went to bed early.

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