Monday, 10 August 2009

Another Tenedor Libre, 21 July 2009

Remember I told you about the restaurant that I went to in Cordoba where you could ´eat as much as you like´, well, when I wrote about it the first time I couldn´t remember the name of the place, but I can tell you know that it is called a Tenedor Libre. And last time I wrote about this amazing highlight of Argentina´s fine cuisine, I told you that I ate so much that I couldn´t finish my wine. And I think I also uttered the two words ´never again!´. Well, guess where I ended up on my first night in Buenos Aires! Oh yes, another Tenedor Libre.

I arrived at the hostel singing to myself and was shown into a giant dorm (12 beds) where my arrival woke Rich and Rhiannon who were dozing in one of the bunks. Oh yes, we actually managed to meet up for the second time on this trip!

I dumped my bags and the three of us chatted about our antics since we had last seen each other. Rhiannon quickly informed me that she had signed me up for a free Spanish lesson due to start in an hour and informed me of the plan for dinner... ´a great little place where you can eat as much as you want for 20 pesos!´ My whole body shuddered at the prospect. ´Great!´ I replied with feigned enthusiasm. I promised myself that I wouldn´t over eat at this one. But then I figured I wouldn´t get my money´s worth! But then again, I was with familiar company and I figured that over eating with people you know is much easier than over eating with people you don´t really know. I was in an awful dilemma. As the dilemma rattled through my mind Rhiannon gave me the lowdown on the other guests in the hostel... who to avoid and all that! It was great.

The time came around for the three of us to learn Spanish which was total hilarity, but more about that in another post.

After the Spanish lesson I had the great fortune to meet one of the guests who Rhiannon had warned me about. And as Rhiannon had informed me, this delightful girl came over and struck up a conversation which she dominated and led, and when I responded to her with the utmost politeness, she got up and walked off. It riled Rhiannon something chronic, but made me laugh. What an idiot.

After chatting and laughing it was time for the... TENEDOR LIBRE! Dun, dun, durrrr!

With two other guys who Rhiannon and Rich had met in Rio we headed round the corner to the Tenedor Libre.

I told myself to be good, and, I was good. The quality of the food here was actually better than the TL in Cordoba, there was some good sushi and of course the steak was great and the salad divine! And most importantly I ate for enjoyment rather than excess. Result! I had achieved the impossible and avoided overeating.

But then... there were the plates and plates of desserts... Every cake looked awesome and I just had to try a bit of each one... that was what pushed me over the edge! As it happened, the desserts weren´t that great and were a big disappointment. But the ice cream redeemed the desserts.

The five of us emerged from the restaurant in pain after so much eating and after a failed attempt to find a bar we staggered back to the hostel and fell asleep.

The verdict on Tenedor Libre #2... needs more practice!

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