Thursday, 16 July 2009

A whole new breakfast experience, 29 June 2009

So not only do I get free dinner at this hostel in Bariloche, I also get free breakfast! Woohoo! In fact, I´ve had free breakfast everywhere I have stayed so far, but this morning has been the best breakfast yet!

Firstly, we had juice! Ok, it was just squash, but I´ve not drunk anything but water in the last few weeks!

Secondly, I´ve just had my first taste of DULCE DE LECHE.

Dulce de Leche is famous amongst travellers in Argentina but I this was the first time I had ever seen it. Now, if you will believe me, I don´t like Chocolate spread, and I think a campaign should be started to get Dulce de Leche on sale in the UK in place of Nutella and such like.

But what is dulce de leche? Well, it´s spreadable caramel fudge that you put on toast! It is so delicious. So bad for you, of course, but so delicious.

I had four portions of dulce de leche with my breakfast this morning. Jess had one.

I love the stuff. I can´t wait for breakfast tomorrow!

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