Thursday, 16 July 2009

When in Argentina... EAT MEAT! 25 June 2009

Whilst we were in Pucon Jess and I had cooked dinner in the hostel every night, but we hadn´t actually cooked any meat. So feeling a little meat-deprived we decided that on our first night in Argentina we would treat ourselves to some famous Argentinian meat.

The owner of our hostel gave us a recommendation for his favourite Meat Restaurant in town and he recommended that we should try a Mixed Parilla so that we could savour Argentina´s finest culinary delights.

We reached the restaurant at 7.30 only to discover that it didn´t open till 8pm. Seriously, 8pm! We wandered around hungry for half an hour in the cold, and were then the first customers when the restaurant finally opened its doors.

The order of the night was the Mixto Parilla (mixed grill) and a bottle of Malbec.

The wine was poured into two enormous glasses (which made us feel very sophisticated) and tostadas with veal pate were brought out to the table. Oh my god the veal pate was beautiful, it certainly set the standard for what was to come.

Then it came. Our dinner. A massive grill FILLED with stacks of meat. OH. MY. GOD. It was a meatlover´s heaven and a vegetarian´s hell. Jess and I dug in.

The parilla was mixed and all the different types of meat were traditional local favourites. The ribs were great, the steak was great... and then it came to the other delights... blood sausage, intestines, and all manner of other bits and pieces of dead animal.

As I put the piece of intestine into my mouth it was enough to turn me veggie... but by this point I had already devoured too much meat to turn back. It wasn´t the tastiest thing I´ve ever eaten, but it wasn´t as bad as it could have been. The blood sausage on the other hand... well that was truly delightful. I can´t believe it but it was so tasty. There were several other meaty bits on the parilla and they also tasted great.

By the end of the meal my meat cravings had been satisfied and my first experience with Argentinian meat had been a good one.

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