Sunday, 5 July 2009

That´s all folks for today...

I´ve not only spent today typing on my blog, but I also had a two hour MSN conversation with Gwil so my fingers have done a lot of typing and my eyes are now very tired. So, I´m going to head off and go for a walk. I´m still in Mendoza but I am leaving here this evening and heading to the city of Cordoba on the night bus.

I´ve updated you on all of Chile that I have seen so far, I didn´t really spend a great deal of time there as there wasn´t so much there that I wanted to do/see, but I will be heading back there after Bolivia to see the North of Chile. So next time I get on here and do some typing I´ll be telling you all about the incredible place that is Argentina.

Hopefully I´ll get this blog up to date at some point, i´d like to be more up to date with it but updating takes time and there are so many things here to keep me busy!

Lots of love to everyone who is still reading this thing!

A x

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