Friday, 17 July 2009

San Lorenzo, 13 July 2009

On my first day in Salta I had met an American who told me that San Lorenzo was a nice place to visit while staying in Salta. I didn´t ask any questions about it, which I regretted deeply when I found myself on the bus to San Lorenzo.

As I sat on the bus I started to see signs for San Lorenzo, I was nearly there, but where did I get off. And what was there to do when I got there.

Let me just inform you that today was the first time in a long time that I was alone, so I didn´t even have anyone else to discuss the prospects with. Not that I minded at all, in fact I saw it as something as a challenge, especially seeing as i had left my phrase book back at the hostel.

I racked my brain to remember what the American guy had said to me, I had a vague recollection that he said there was a nice walk.

I tapped the bus driver and asked if this was San Lorenzo, he told me it was, and I got off.

I got off the bus and looked around. This is San Lorenzo?

Now, I should probably just point out that San Lorenzo isn´t mentioned in the Lonely Planet so I had no idea what to expect. I decided to visit San Lorenze knowing that it was only 30mins from Salta and thus a nice day trip before getting on the bus to Resistencia that afternoon.

Hmmm... what to do?

I walked down a street, it didn´t really go any where. I turned back to where the bus dropped me and followed the road the bus took.

I saw a sign for a church so wandered up to the church.I figured if I was going to end up turning around and going straight back to Salta on the first bus I may as well see something first. The church had a notice on the door saying it was closed until the 21st because of swine flu.

Oh great, I´d taken a gamble, gone off the beaten track, and landed in a place where the church is closed because of the swine flu.

I walked a bit further and saw a market. I figured I would by some bread and fruit and put my spanish to the test. I bought a picnic and walked a bit further to find a nice picnic spot.

And then I found it... A national parlk, with a walk around the gorge. Woohoo. This was the walk the American was talking about. Yes! I wasn´t going to have to turn around and go straight back to Salta after all.

I enquired in Spanish as to the distance of the walk and how long it takes and the guy told me it would take about 2 hours. I worked out that I could do the walk in 2 hours and be back in Salta in time for my bus at 4pm. So I got my groove on and started walking.

It was a very green walk through a forest that looked very English. It was a nice walk with nice streams and trickly waterfalls. The views around were full of green trees. I reached a really nice spot at the top of the gorge from where i could see Salta. I sat and ate my picnic before heading back to the bus.

I wandered throught the wood singing to myself very contentdly.

I don´t mind travelling alone at all. I have spent most of my time with other people, but today on my first day alone I really enjoyed it. I felt quite happy with myself that I had mastered to local bus system, bought a picnic and undertaken a pleasant and peaceful walk all by myself.

I made it back jsut in time to get my bus to Resistencia.

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