Friday, 17 July 2009

San Ignacio Mini, 15 , 16, 17 July 2009

I arrived at San Ignacio at 6pm on the 15th. I found the hostel recommended by Lonely Planet straight away.It was a bit pricey, 70 pesos a night. But, it was full.

This was the first time this has happened. I never book my rooms ahead anywhere so I was a little stumped at what to do next.

Then I had a brainwave, ask the hostel where there is another hostel. So in my best Spanish I mustered a phrase that I had never had to use before.

They sent me three blocks along. I was a little concerned when i saw this hostel, for one it was a hotel, not a hostel and for two it looked really nice and fancy. I enquired after a room and discovered it was only 35 pesos! Woohoo! Thats cheap for Argentina. I looked at the single room and was in love. It was lush, with a gorge bathroom, dressing table, wardrobe and air conditioning/heating unit. I checked in.

I decided a shower was in order and it was a lovely shower indeed. Very lovely. I decided to wash some clothes and undies figuting i could dry them overnight under the heating unit. I laid them out to dry and grabbed a dinner downstairs in the restaurant which was very reasonably priced. From the looks of the restaurant there were only 8 other people in the hotel, 2 families of 4.

After dinner I chilled out and listened to music in my room while reading my Glamour magazine (in Spanish of course!)

I went to bed in the cosy room looking forward to exploring the Jesuit ruins the next day.

I had planned to stay one night in San Ignacio, other than the Jesuit ruins there is nothing else to do here. But when I woke up and my clothes were still wet, I decided that I would stay an extra night.I was in no hurry to move on to Puerto Iguaza.

After breakfast I decided to catch up on my scrap book which I hadn´t done since arriving in South America, and then I wandered down to the ruins. It was a bit wet a miserable but I had a great tour by Rosa and then wandered around in the rain a bit more taking photos. The runins were a bit like those at Petra, but obviously were a bit different given that there were surrounded by orange trees and jungles.

After the runins I took a siesta!

This was followed with a wonder around the town, there really was nothing else to do so I cracked on to the interne and knuckled down to the blog.

After my blogging sesh I headed back to my hostel. I bought some biccies on my way home which turned out to be the Argentinian equivalent of Hobnobs. YUM YUM YUM. I ended up eating the whole packet to myself...this is the one downside of travelling alone and not having any self control.

I then cwtched up in my lovely warm room and fell asleep.

I woke up this morning and had another shower, i was determined to make the most of the nice shower before I left. Then as I was packing I discovered a bus timetable saying that the bus to Puerto Iguazu passed through at 9.45, it was 9.25 so i did some last minute packing and rammed the last bits into my bag. I ran to the bus stop and then waited, and waited... at 10am the bus finally turned up.

Bye bye San Ignacio Mini!

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