Sunday, 5 July 2009

Route Planning, 16 June 2009

I had planned to spend some time in Australia working out a vague route for me to follow when I landed in South America. But this didn´t happen so I decided that I would plan my time on my 16 hour flight to Chile. But this didn´t happen either. So after my first real day in Santiago I decided to sit in my room and plan my next few days. I had tried to do my route planning in the lounge but there were too many people around to chat to so I headed up to my empty dorm.

I wrote down in my book:

I am cold.

I need to buy a coat or head north.

I looked at the weather graphs and realised that this part of the trip was going to be cold. I realised that I would have to buy a coat.

I then wrote:

I don´t want to go to the beach. (Because it was too cold for a beach jaunt!)

I am going to visit Northern Chile after Bolivia and before Peru.

I then went through the Chile section of my Lonely Planet and started reading about places. I started to get excited again. For the first time since landing in Santiago I was excited, I had forgotten that I was missing Gwil like a hole in the head and was raring to get back onto travelling again.

I wanted to head down into Patagonia and do the Torres del Paine trek but someone had told me that the National Park had been closed for winter. So that was a no, no. I decided that I would give it a miss and not head too far South.

As I was reading my Lonely Planet a girl from Devon arrived in my dorm called Laura. We chatted and she told me that she had come to Santiago having just finished 8 months travelling solo in South America. She was telling me stories and I was getting super excited at this point. As we were chatting I thought to myself how weird it was that some people come into your life just at the right moment and help to inspire you.

After chatting to Laura I was sorted, I decided to head to Valparaiso (quite close to Santiago) and then head from there to Pucon, and from Pucon I would cross into Argentina and visit Bariloche and then from there I would explore Argentina.

It wasn´t much of a plan. I´d only mapped out the next two weeks of my trip, but I was happy. Very happy and very excited.

I had hoped that this part of my trip would be a bit more spontaneous than the first half, not quite so mapped out and planned. But I realised that I needed a bit of a plan to get me going. Santiago seemed to be a place where people had either just arrived, or were just about to leave from. I knew that once I got out of Santiago I would have my plan, but take things as they came to me. Bring it on!

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