Thursday, 16 July 2009

Road Trip! 27 June 2009

One of the activites that Jess and I had wanted to do in San Martin was to travel the Siete Lagos Ruta, aka the Seven Lakes Route. This road joins San Martin with Villa Angostura and passes by seven of the Argentian Lake District´s finest lakes. The route is only open when the weather is fine and as Winter is in full swing it was uncertain whether the route was passable. When we first arrived in San Martin we checked out the conditions of hiring a car and although it was possible, it seemed a bit pricey for the two of us. We also checked out some tour operators running trips along the route and they were all apprehensive about booking places on the tour as huge dump of snow was due any day.

We decided that we would give the trip a miss. We didn´t want to have to pay for a tour that wouldn´t set off (and then get no money back) and the thought of driving in snow was not so appealing.

But this morning we met a Spanish guy, Borca, at breakfast. He was hiring a car and driving along the Siete Lagos Ruta. He was checking the weather on the internet and the route was open and clear.

Ten minutes later Jess and I were dressed, ready and in the car with Borca and we were on the Siete Lagos Ruta.

The day was cloudy and rain was looming, but from inside the car the journey was a pleasant one. We had the luxury of stoppping wherever we liked to take photos and enjoy the views.

Looking back at my photos the scenery and landscapes did not look very special, but to the human eye these scenes were stunning in an eerie and ominous way.

It wasn´t a conventionally beautiful journey, because of the weather, but the low clouds, snowfilled sky and crystal blue lakes were still incredible.

The road trip worked out cheaper than the tour and it was great to take our time and not rush.

When I come back to Argentina I will come in the summer and enjoy this route again but with blue skies.

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