Friday, 17 July 2009

Resistencia with Rich and Rhiannon, 14 and 15 July 2009

I took the overnight bus from Salta to Resistencia and was due to arrive at 5am. Rich and Rhiannon had arrived the previous evening and found a hostel. I recieved a text telling me the address of the hostel and was shocked to read the text saying it cost 70 pesos (more than a tenner) for a single room, I was even more shocked that there were no dorms. Where on earth were Rich and Rhiannon staying? The Ritz? I consulted the LP and this was one of two hostels listed in the book. Oh well, I figured it must be a nice place for such high prices.

I arrived at the hostel at 5.30 and was not impressed. 70 pesos for this place! It was a dive. I even got my sleeping bag out to sleep in because the room was so scummy! Before settling in to bed i shoved a not under Rich and Rhiannon´s door to tell them what room I was in.

At 9.30 we were all reunited and there were lots of hugs and kisses. Rich and Rhiannon have been in South America just over a week and are travelling around for two and a half months. I hadn´t seen the two of them since January at my leaving party in Cardiff.

Rich and Rhiannon gave me the lowdown on Resistencia... it´s a bit shit.

R and R had a few things to do before we could enjoy Resistencia´s cultural delights, so we headed to the launderette and the bank to sort some bits out. As ever there was lots of chatting and exciting as the three of us all chatted about everything and anything that had happened in the last five months.

Now, the reason Rhiannon and I both found Resistencia appealing was because the LP says it is a place with lots of sculptures to enjoy. It paints a nice picture, a quaint little place with lots of lovely sculptures. Except as we walked to the launderette and the bank I quickly came to share R and R´s opinion on this place, it was a bit shit.

There were lots of scupltures thrown about the city, but none were masterpieces and they were jsut scattered around haphazardly.

The town itself was full of uninspired boring buildings.

Hmm... of all the towns, in the whole of Argentina, we picked the most rubbish town to meet up in.

We consulted Rhiannon´s LP and realised that we had just missed the morning sessions in the museums in the town. Damn the bloody siesta. What could we do?

Well, we found carrefour, grabbed a trolley and gathered together a picnic, and a magnum of red wine... we figured it would make the museums better.

We found a lovely bench in the sun near a sculpture and cracked onto our picnic in the sunshine.

We sat and wiled away the afternoon and got more and mroe drunk.

By the time we finished our magnum of red wine from our yellow plastic cups it was time for the museums to open again.

We set off for the art gallery and to our disappointment it was still closed and showed no signs of opening. So we made our way to the only other museum in Resistencia. After an hour of searching for the museum we eventually found it and it looked as it had been closed for two years. So we decided to take a photo on a statue of a train.

We then figured it was ice=cream o clock and found an ice cream palour.

On our way back to the hostel we grabbed another bottle of wine to drink before we went out for dinner. It cost one pound! we bought some coke to mix with it in case it was crappy.

We got ready for dinner and then went and chilled in the hostel lounge and drank our pound a bottle vino as we swapped travel tips.

Once we had necked the crappy wine we headed out to dinner, only to discover that it was closed. Rubbish. So then we wandered around the town and eventually foudn an open restaurant. A pizza restaurant. we ordered some pizza and a bottle of wine... the same bottle of crappy wine we had just drunk back at the hostel!

We had an hilarious evening which involved lots and lots of giggling cahoots.

After pizza we wandered to a classy looking bar that looked nice, we stepped inside and it was a pool house. Classy.

We had another drink and some more giggles before heading back home at 3am.

We all woke up the following morning with misty and achey heads. And made our way to the art museum that we tried to visit the day before. We banged on the door and they opened up the doors and we went in the museum. We had high hopes for the museum, but to be honest it was crap. It was like a big jumble sale full of crap and jumble. We were disappointed to say the least.

After the museum we went for coffee and reminisced over the crap city of Resistencia.

At 11 I left Rich and Rhiannon to catch my bus to San Ignacio Mini. Resistencia had been rubbish, but Rich, Rhiannon and I had had a fabberlous time.

Love you guys. x

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