Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quila Quina, 26 June 2009

San Martin de los Andes is in the Lake District area of Argentina (incidentally Pucon was in the Lake District of Chile - don´t think I mentioned that before) and San Martin de los Andes is on the banks of Lake XXX. We decided that we would take the short boat trip across the lake to the Peninsula of Quila Quina and explore the forest and parkland there.

The boat ride was really pleasant and as we crossed the lake we realised just how enormous the lake actually was. We were also the only ones on the boat! Again, we would have a park all to ourselves (if you remember we had Park Huerquehue to ourselves when we were in Pucon).

We reached Quila Quina and with the help of a map near the jetty we worked out our route around the forest.

I say forest, it wasn´t really much of forest, more of a wood.

It was such a lovely pleasant day to wander around the lake through lovely woods. There were some gorgeous red berry trees that looked so pretty and we took lots of photos of spindly trees. The beaches around the peninsula were lovely pebbly beaches which were perfect for skimming stones (William, you would love it!) and we found a perfect spot to enjoy our picnic lunch.

As we were walking through one bit of wood we saw what I at first thought was a unicorn. Seriosuly, this place had a magical feel and would have been a perfect place for a unicorn to be! Anyway, it was just a white horse, but it was a beautiful white horse and the way that the light fell on it through the trees was truly magical.

We explored the park for around 4 hours before we caught the boat back to San Martin. On the boat we met two Argentinian women who delighted in talking to Jess and I, the only foreign tourists in San Martin. They were incredibly sweet.

When we got back to San Martin it was Siesta time, and everything was closed until 5pm! Seriously the siesta in San Martin was 12 til 5! Insane! So we went and grabbed a hot drink and wiled away the afternoon people-watching from the inside of a toasty warm cafe.

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