Friday, 17 July 2009

Puerto Iguazu, 17 July 2009

I arrived in Puerto Iguazu at 3pm this afternoon and quickly found a hostel. It´s a bit scummy and nowhere near as nice as where I stayed in San Ignacio. I figured out the buses to Rosario for Sunday and then took a wander around Puerto Iguazu.

There isn´t a lot to see or do here. People come here fore the falls and nothing more.

I wandered down to the river Iguazu where I could see Paraguay and Brazil across the river banks. This was a bit cool.

I then wandered up to an internet cafe, and here I am now...

I am massively excited about seeing the waterfalls tomorrow, and I am pretty hopeful that tomorrow will be sunny, the weather forecast says it will be sunny, so I´m trusting it.

But now, it´s time to be off the computer. But at last, I am up to date. Woohoo! Enjoy reading I know that I´ve written masses in the last two days so take your time and enjoy.

Lots of love x

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