Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The one redeeming thing about Rosario, 20 July 2009

I´ve eaten A LOT of bread in Argentina. The Argies just seem to love it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, snacks... always bread! And so, after so much bread I decided to set myself a challenge of a day without bread.

As I said previously the hostel in Rosario wouldn´t let me have any breakfast when I arrived so that was easy, I quite simple couldn´t eat bread or croissants because I wasn´t allowed to. So breakfast involved an apple and banana.

This probably explians why I HAD to have lunch at 12. Now, you are all going to laugh when I tell you where I went for lunch... I fancied a salad, a fresh salad full of lettuce-y goodness. I checked out a few places but nowhere was selling ensaladas... there was plenty of stodgy bread based meals, but no salad.

I ended up in Maccy Ds! Seriosuly, it´s a sad state of affairs when you have t resort to MacDonalds for a salad. It was quite a good salad, but not particularly fill me. I was tempted by a burger but resisted in order to keepmy day bread free.

I was hungry all afternoon, it became clear to me that the last few weeks of massive bread consumption had stretched my stomach and now I was in a position where i needed bread just to fill me. I resisted.

I had mushroom risotto for dinner. It was good and involved no bread. I then had kiwi fruit and yoghurt for pudding.

Success, a day without bread. Or, in other words, a day where i was very hungry!

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