Thursday, 16 July 2009

Oh to be warm again! 2 July 2009

I have been cold since I arrived in South America. But that all changed today.

Mendoza is on the same latitude as Santiago, but,it is significantly warmer and has 300 days of sunshine a year!

We had met an American on the bus from Bariloche (David) and the three of us spent the day exploring Mendoza. I didn´t quite brave the flip flops,but it was great to crack out my sunglasses again.

We wandered around the city of Mendoza and chilled out in the nice plazas and had a lovely lunch in a street side cafe.

Mendoza is famed for being a pretty city, but again I though I was missing something.It was nice, yes, the tree lined boulevards and wide plazas were nice, but all the buildings looked a bit grey and average.

After exploring the city we went to explore hte park. The park was great. It was big and lovely and the there was a nice rowing lake. We sat and enjoyed the sun and the surroundings until the sunset.

Our first day in Mendoza was pleasant, nothing too special, but pleasant. Mendoza isn´t really a place you visit to explore the city, it is a place you go to to do things... Rafting,trekking, skiing, wine tasting, horse riding, you name it, you can do it in Mendoza.

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