Sunday, 5 July 2009

A midnight dip, 24 June 2009

Never ever did I think that I would find myself wearing my bikini, outside, in Chile, in the Winter, at 10pm... but I did.

I´ve just got back from Los Pezones Hot Springs close by to Pucon.

Jess, Nina and I headed there after we got back from our walk (Nina climbed Villarica today). It was so bizarre to be putting on a bikini at 8pm in the freezing cold, but as soon as we got into the first pool it was well worth it.

I´ve probably been cold since Perth. The last time I was actually warm was in Hong Kong. But tonight I was just so toasty. We took a bottle of vino with us and had a very relaxing evening chatting in the Hot Springs.

´We only tried two pools. The first was amazing at about 38 degrees and we stayed there for an hour before we made a quick dash for the hottest pool which was about 45 degrees. But this was just too hot and we spend most of the time sat on the rocks with jsut our legs in the water and we were still boiling hot! It was incredible and just what my muscles needed after two big days of walking! Bliss!

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