Sunday, 5 July 2009

My new addiction... 22 June 2009

Oh yes, thats right, I have a new addiction.

But, this time, it doesn´t involve food.

Oh no, my new addiction is KNITTING.

Jess is currently buying balls of wool which she is knitting into squares which she will turn into a patchwork blanket when she gets home to Tasmania.

She´s inspired me.

I´ve bought some needles and a ball of wool and I´m currently on my first square.

I´m going to buy a ball of wool from each country I visit in South America and from each ball of wool I will knit a square. When I get home I will mount each square in a frame and have them on my wall as pieces of art. I will have a square from each country.

My first ball is sheep wool and is bright pink!

I´m addicted.

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