Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My longest South American bus journey yet, 19 July 2009

Argentina is a big country, and long bus journeys seem to punctuate most people´s travels around this wonderful country. But so far the longest journey I´ve had to take was a mere 17 hours from Bariloche to Mendoza. My route has been a good one in that most places have been no more than an 11 hour ride away, which is pretty easy when you do it over night. But from Puerto Iguazu the nearest point of interest to break up my journey to Buenos Aires was still 20 hours away. So, after a Skype chat with Gwil and my Birthday Boy Brother I boarded the bus to Rosario. The food on buses is a bit hit and miss... sometimes you get a hot meal, othertimes you have to make yourself full on a cheese and ham sandwich. So, for this journey I was prepared: a box of Saladix (Mini Cheddars), a pack of my new fave biscuits (the hobnob type ones that i discovered in San Ignacio), half a bag of fruit flavoured Cheerios and a bar of chocolate. In the end I ended up with some awesome food, a sandwich for tea at about 5pm and a hot meal of stuffed peppers at 11pm,AND a breakfast of crackers and cheese. Although, despite all this food I still found room in my tummy for my super healthy picnic! Actually, the twenty minutes whizzed pass. I spent a good 3 hours knitting and watching the world go by through the window. I then finished my book, great book, The Island by Rebecca Hislop. And by that time I was all set for a sleep. 20 hour bus ride, Easy peasy!

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