Sunday, 5 July 2009

My Last Day in Santiago, 20 June 2009

I hadn´t wanted nor needed another day in Santiago, but it was a sacrifice I was prepared to make to see a little bit of Pip and Harri.

We didn´t really get moving till lunch time after the previous evening´s fun and games. But we actually had a great afternoon. Admittedly it took us two hours to find the Visual Arts Museum, but this just meant more chatting time, but when we found it, it was awesome.

There were some great displays with lights and electicals and LEDs. There was also a fab display on Mapuche pottery, weavings and even a mummified baby. It only took us an hour to look around as most of it was under refurbishment, but it was a really cool way to while away the afternoon in otherwise rubbish Santiago.

We went for one last supper together and one last bottle of vino before I had to make a dash for my overnight bus to Pucon.

It was so great to see the girls and it was great to have them there to cheer me up after leaving Gwil. Love you girlies. x

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