Thursday, 16 July 2009

My first Mate, 4 July 2009

No, it´s not mate (as in friend) it´s mate pronounced like latte (as in the coffee).

EVERYONE in Argentina drinks mate! EVERYONE! But today,on my pony trek,is the first time I have had the opportunity to try it.

Mate Yerba is a blend of herbs grown in Argentina that is mixed with hot water to make this type of tea. It is served in a cup and drunk through a bombejer which is like a straw but with a sieve at one end to filter out the herbs when you drink it.

It is a popular communal activity (no wonder they´ve all got swine flu) and everyone sits around sharing a mate cup between themselves. Most people in Argentina carry around a supply of mate, as well as the cup and straw and a thermos of hot water. It´s a fair amount of stuff to lug about on a daily basis,but theyall justlove it!

So yeah, I tried it today while out on the horses... it tastes like a strong green tea and with a spoonful of sugar is really nice. You expect to get a mouthful of yerba leaves as you drink it, but the sieve in the straw is really good and filters it all out.

The verdict on Mate... I can see why they all love it, but I could never be bothered to carry all the paraphenalia required to make mate around with me.

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