Thursday, 16 July 2009

My first gallop! 4 July 2009

This morning was another early start,so I was up early ready for a day of horse riding, in the Andes no less.

Jess and I were ready and waiting for our pick up which drove us up into the low Andes and to our horses for the day.

The horses were gorgeous and as we waited for our gaucho to arrive Jess and I stroked the horses.

Before I knew it I was on a gorgeous tan coloured horse and we were off.

I had full control of the horse (i.e. I didn´t have someone leading the horse like in China) and this was the first time I had ridden properly since I was really young. We plodded along at a walk taking in some beautiful Andean scenery. Then we built up to a trot through the scrubby grasses.

Except, my horse didn´t like to trot. I kept kicking him to keep him going but it only responded to the commands of the gaucho. Everytime the gaucho shouted Gringo the horse picked up. I wasn´t sure if the gaucho was referring to me as being the gringo, but then i decided that he definitely was referring to the horse.

After an hour or so we reached a nice spot and we picked up a gallop.It was so scary. I clung on to the horse with dear life as the gaucho kept whipping Gringo from just behind us.It was so fast and I was certain I was going to fall off. But I didn´t. I was fine.Absolutely fine. Thankfully Gringo ignored the whipping and didn´t gallop on too far, jsut a 200m stretch.Once the gaucho had overtaken us he ambledback down to a trot. I wasn´t complaining.

It was a lovely day out on the mountains with the horses in the beautiful sunshine.

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