Sunday, 5 July 2009

Midnight in Santiago, 16 June 2009

I woke up at midnight and was immediately wide awake.

I was hungry.

And my heart was still aching.

I still had the dorm to myself so I had a little cry in my lovesick state. Here I was, all alone in the middle of the night in Santiago, I was starving hungry and missing Gwil like crazy.

I couldn´t go out and get any food, nowhere would be open. I would have to wait until morning. I found some skittles in my bag which Mum had sent to me at Gwil´s house. I ate a pack of skittles. I was still hungry.

I decided to send Gwil a text to tell him how heartbroken I was. He replied telling me that he had just got drenched in a massive downpour in Sydney. I sent him a text back saying ´I´d rather be a drowned rat in Sydney with you than be alone, tired and hungry in Santiago.´

Right there and then, I would have done anything to be back in Oz with Gwil. I tried to wish myself back but that doesn´t work in real life. Depressed, I put my ipod on and started to listen to my Teach Yourself Spanish recordings. Everytime I listen to these recordings I always fall asleep, so I figured it would send me back to the land of nod.

It didn´t.

I text mum. I told her that I was missing Gwil like a hole in the head. She text back saying I had confused my metaphors. I hadn´t. If I had a hole in my head I would miss it, because there would be a big hole there. But apparently that metaphor doesn´t work that way. I´m still confused about that metaphor now as I write. I must look it up on wikipedia at some point.

I listened to another hour of my Spanish lessons but still was not asleep. I couldn´t be bothered to get out of bed and switch the light on to read so I lay in bed all night tossing and turning. Crying to myself that I was without Gwil.

At about 7am I must have dropped off to sleep and I woke up a couple of hours later, just in time for a much needed breakfast.

I plodded downstairs in my pjs and helped myself to several cups of tea and several slices of bread and jam. I´ve never been so satisfied by bread and jam. But given the fact that I had only eaten a pack of skittles in the previous 24 hours I really wasn´t fussy.

After breakfast I got myself ready. I also geared myself up for the day.

I told msyelf that I had to get over the fact that I was no longer with Gwil. I reminded myself that I was now in Santiago in Chile and that I should be excited about it and all the things to come on my South American adventure. I blasted out a bit of Basement Jaxx on my iPod (my ultimate feel good music) and took to the streets of Santiago.

I learnt some Spanish

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