Thursday, 16 July 2009

It´s gunna be an epic one... 16 July 2009

Right now I´m in the village of San Ignacio Mini in Argentina. I arrived here last night and checked into a single room in a super-cheap but super-lush hotel. This morning I did the tourist attractions of this small village, and now, after my siesta (I´m such a Latino!) I´m going to wile away the rest of this wet and grey day on my blog. I should really have left to go to Iguazu this afternoon but I´m making the most of having a single room, a HOT shower and a heating unit... I washed all my undies last night and now they are drying. I can´t believe I´m staying somewhere just for the sake of clean undies! But by the time I return from the internet everything should be dry and clean so that I can continue on to Puerto Iguazu tomorrow. Woohoo... but for now... here come a blogging sesh of epic proportions! Enjoy! x

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