Friday, 17 July 2009

I liked Cordoba, I love Salta, 11 July 2009

When I got off the night bus and arrived in Salta I was wide awake and ready to explore the city. So, rather than heading straight to bed for a quick nap I made my way straight out to the MAAM museum, the Museum of Andean Archeology (i think that was it), well anyway it was a museum full of mummies that had been found on the mountains nearby to Salta.

The walk to the museum was lovely. the city was full of beautiful colonial builidings, all of which were well preserved and looked after well. It was beautiful. It was also incredibly quiet, at 9am there was hardly anyone about.

After getting distracted by my snap happiness I reached the museum. It was closed. My Lonely Planet said it opened at 9am, but actually it opened at 11am. Damn it.

I wandered around and realised that everything was closed, except for the church, but mass was jsut about to begin so I thought I best not get in the way of mass.

Eventually i found an internet cafe and killed some time by calling Gwil and calling home.

I had arranged to meet a girl in my hostel at noon so I dashedback to meet her (we had met when i arrived at the hostel first thing). Together, Laura from Switzerland and I headed for a walk up the hill to view Salt from above.

We chose the path over the cable car as we both shared the opinion that the view is always better when you work hard and walk up, rather than be lazy and take the cable car.

I hadn´t had anything to eat since the previous evening on the bus, i´d missed breakfast and hadn´t picked up anything for lunch. So, in the heat of the day, it was a bit of a struggle in my starved state. It took about 30 minutes to reach the top and the view ovr the city was great. The mountains around us were slightly hazy but it was a beautiful clear day. Once we had made the most of the view we wandered down to the centre and had a nice lunch in the plaza.

The weather was gorgeous, and it was such a lovely afternoon.

With lunch inside us we headed to the mummy museum. This museum is certainly not for the faint hearted. The information was all very inofrmative and fascinating but the remains of children which were sacrificed as offerings to the gods over 500 years ago were pretty harrowing. The children were all very young when they were sacrificed and the looks on their faces looked very painful and sad. I learnt that the children were probably drugged to sleep and the left up in the mountains to freeze to death. The bodies were perfectly preserved because of the high mountain conditions. it was really fascinating.

As night fell Laura and I wandered around Salta by night, whcih was very pretty indeed in the moonlight and with atmospheric lighting on all the buildings.

Salta is so incredibly pretty, I am falling in love with it big time.

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