Thursday, 16 July 2009

A hippy town? 30 June 2009

Lonely Planet describes El Bolsen as a Hippy town, the first town in the world to declare itself ´No to Nuclear´. El Bolsen is also famed for its craft market.

Jess and I had considered going to stay the night in El Bolson but in the end decided to suck up the 2 hour bus journey and go for the day.

We made our way to the bus early and so I slept most of the way.

We landed in El Bolson and everything was shut.We saw the market was being setup so we took at coffee and pastry at a little coffeeshop while we waited for the market to get going.

El Bolson is in a really nice location, it is surrounded by snowy mountains and sits in a bowl.Despite the nice backdrop,the town itself isn´t much to write home about. By that I mean it isn´t particularly aesthetically pleasing.

After coffee we wandered back to the market... El Bolsen is a strange place, and I wouldn´t say it has much of a hippy vibe... all the restaurants advertise steak and patagonian lamb (ok,i guess not all hippies are veggies, but you kind of expect it), there are a few posters advertising yoga classes and tai chi but that´s about it in terms of hippy-ness.

The market itself wasn´t particulalryl big, which was a little disappointing. and believe it or not,i didn´t even see anything i wanted to buy! (i think this was a side effect of my cough)

We bought some hot chips for lunch and an empanada (pasty type thing) and made our way to the bus stop.

On the way to the bus I spotted a wool shop and I bought my ball of Argentinian wool for my knitting-art. After all, what beter place to buy my Argentinian wool from than a supposedly hippy town.

On the way back home, I was wide awake, and thankfully so,the route that I slept thorugh on the way to El Bolson was simply stunning,lots of craggy black mountains,lots of snow.I even made some video of the journey because it was so nice.

Back in Bariloche Jess and I went and bought some chocolate before meeting Fraser the Farmer (the guy we met in the National Park near Pucon) for another free dinner!

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