Friday, 17 July 2009

Fernet con Cola, 7 July 2009

After a good day´s walk Ed and I decided we definitely deserved a drink. Petra joined us too and she introdiced me to the local tipple Fernet con Cola.

I had heard about Fernet in Mendoza, but I knew it originated in Cordoba so I decided I would wait until I reached Cordoba before I gave it a try.

Fernet con Cola was suprisingly tasty despite the fact that it tasted very much like mouth wash. Yes mouthwash. It was really good. And after one my brain was definitely spinning round inside my head. No, I´m not a lightweight, they just have really big measures out here!

There is a drink that you can buy in the Czech Republic, a herb based drink, but I can´t remember what it is called (Dad please tell me what it was called, you brought some back from Prague when you went it has a yellow and blue label and comes in a green bottle). Well anyway, whatever that drink is called, it tastes like that.

Hmmm... not sure on the verdict on this one. I think I liked it, but I don´t really know why I liked it.

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