Sunday, 5 July 2009

An evening of Vino Tinto, Jamiroquai, Tom Jones, a dodgy club, a Salsa bar and a bit of the Boosh, 19 June 2009

So my initial plan was to head from Valparaiso to Pucon, but when I found out that Pippa and Harri were going to be in Santiago on Friday night I decided that I would head back to Santiago and then head to Pucon from Santiago on Saturday night.

The girls themselves had a bit of a nightmare getting to Santiago as they were forced to fly from Mendoza in Argentina to get to Satiago as the road was closed because of the snow.

But by 9pm we were all reunited in the beautiful Hostel Dominica.

We were all starving and so we headed to a very traditional Hard Rock Cafe-esque restaurant/bar. As we walked in I bumped into the Clegg family digging into their steak dinners.

We took a seat and the vino started to flow. The three of us were none stop chatting, we drank the vino so slowly because we had so much to share. Pippa and Harri left home in February as well and had been travelling round Oz and New Zealand. They had been Chile and Argentina for three weeks already and were due to start their GAP tour of Peru and Bolivia the next day. There was lots to catch up on.

Not long after our arrival Jamiroquai took to the stage. Well, it wasn´t really Jamiroquai but the guy did a bloody good job reaching the Jay Kay´s top notes. As much as we were all desperate to enjoy the music we couldn´t keep quiet long enough as story after story poured from our travels so far.

Then Tom Jones appeared on the stage. It was true hilarity and the packed out restaurant were screaming with enhtusiasm as Tom Jones and Jamiroquai worked the stage.

After muchos vino, a little pisco, and great entertainment we left the restaurant at 2.30am with the Clegg boys in tow and headed for a club. I don´t think I´ve ever stayed in a restaurant so late, but it was such a good vibe that we just didn´t want to leave.

We indulged in the local delight of Piscola (Pisco and Coke) when we reached the club. The club, however, was alittle rubbish. Even the locals looked as if they were having a rubbish time so it must have been bad. But we made our own fun with a game where we took it in turns to dance on a chair. It doesn´t sound like such a good game in retrospect but after lots of wine and pisco it certainly made that club a better place. Following this game came a match of invisible Ping Pong... Mike versus Amy. I lost. But the locals found it entertaining.

On the way home we fell across a Salsa club, it was closed, but in my best Spanish I pleaded a pathetic ´Por Favor´ and we were allowed in for some dancing. This was pure hilarity. Pippia, Harri and I all made a concerted effort to teach Shaun how to do the Salsa. I have never seen some so inable to to dance. His feet were like lead weights and he couldn´t move to save his life. It was so incredibly funny. Before we managed to master the art of Salsa with him, he was kicked out. He was incredibly drunk.

By 6am we were back at our hostel watching the Mighty Boosh.

Such an awesome night out!

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