Friday, 17 July 2009

Eat as much as you can... now that sounds like a challenge, 9 July 2009

Now, I can´t remember the Argentinian name for these restaurants, but they are really popular out here and they are everywhere.

Ed, Annie (an Irish girl from Ed´s hostel) and I headed there to celebrate Argentinian Independence Day (today was Argentinian Independence Day) and for the grand sum of 5 pounds we were challenged to eat as much as we could.

Steak. We had some good steak.

Salad. We had some great salad.

Sushi. We had some distinctly average sushi, but hey, they´re argentinian so we´ll let them off.

Curry sauces. We had some great curry sauces, except for the one that contained some kind of offal that looked like mushroom, that was an unexpected and unpleasant suprise.

Puddings. We had some great puddings. Great pancaks with rum and caramel and ice cream and some great cream cakes.

We were fit for busting by the end of it. And, i was so full that i couldn´t even finish the end of my wine. i was just soooo full.

I think I managed 5 plates of main meals and then 2 plates of pudding. Five pounds well spent.

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