Friday, 17 July 2009

The day after the skydive, 9 July 2009

There isn´t much you can do the day after a sky dive that can beat the thrill and exhileration, so, Ed and I decided we would go to a museum. Like I say, there isn´t much you can do the day after the skydive.

We jumped on the bus to the town of Alta Gracia and made our way to the Che Guevara House and Museum.

It was nice to see the house where he lived and see lots of photos of him growing that I have never seen before. It is scary that even as a new born baby he looks just like the icon we see branded on tshirts and flags. very scary.

There were some great documentaries on show with local people who knew him growing up and it was lovely to hear their fond stories of him. It was hard to imagine the nice, kind boy turning into Che.

After we toured the museum we headed in to the town centre. It wasn´t much of a town so after we had wandered around and checked out the church we were pretty much done and got back on the bus to Cordoba.

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