Thursday, 16 July 2009

A confession by Amy Harrison aged 23

Now, as you are aware, I write my blog posts into my diary before typing them up to my blog. However, it is important that I write this confession before I write any more. If I were not to write this confession there would be several of you reading this blog in total disbelief, utter confusion.

I have been maintaining a lie for the last 12 years of my life, and now, in order to ensure that this blog is a true and accurate account of my travels I confess the following...

On my first day at Secondary School I remember the delight of all my new school friends as ´The chocolate trolley´ did the rounds at breaktime. While everyone battled with elbows high to buy Wildlife Bars, Boosts and Astros, I announced to my new friends that I didn´t really like chocolate that much. My announcement was met with shock and horror... How could anyone not like chocolate?

For the next seven years at the Herts and Essex High School I was the girl who didn´t like chocolate.

(Laura, I´m so sorry)

But, I will now confess that I do actually like chocolate. Don´t get me wrong, I prefer sweeties, that´s no lie.

What was I thinking? Why did I do it? Well, at that age I always wanted to be different. I was listening to Oasis when everyone was still listening to Boyzone, I was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger sweater while everyone else was wearing Adidas sweaters, and yes I was saying I didn´t like chocolate when everyone else was indulging in the delights of Cadbury. I guess it was just another way that I wanted to be different.

God, this blog really has become warts and all hasn´t it?

It hasn´t been easy maintaining this lie for the last twelve years, and believe me it was a relief to get to uni and undo this lie with my new uni friends and enjoy the delights of a chocolate fondue. But going through school there never was a right moment to retract my feelings about chocolate. Thelie just stuck. Until now of course.

To my friends who would buy me a bag of sweets at easter instead of a cream egg, I am sorry. I hope you are all laughing your heads off at me as you read this, seriously, depriving myself of chocolate throughout high school was the most stupid thing I ever did. And, I never got to try the chocolate pudding they served on a Friday, I missed out!

So this is the point where this blog becomes a Chocolate diary... Enjoy it!

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