Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cerro Campanario, 29 June 2009

We met up with Nina this morning (the German girl we stayed with in Pucon) and headed on the bus to Cerro Campanario.

Thankfully this bus experience was easier than when we arrived and we jumped off the bus at the bottom of the hill (Cerro) without any problems.

The three of us decided that we would walk up the hill instead of taking the chair lift. We set off and climbed the hillside. There were several points where we couldn´t see the path so we forged our way up the hillside knowing that we wanted to go up. It was a steep bush bash (Jess the Ozzie came up with this name)!

When we reached the top after our 30minute climb we reached a UNESCO rated mirador.

Now,UNESCO may have rated this mirdaor one of the best in the world, but today was cloudy and overcast, an although the view of the surrounding lakes,hills and mountains was pretty, it didn´t quite deserve the UNESCO prestige. The three of us had definitely seen better in Pucon and San Martin. But it was nice none the less.

After an unsuccessful attempt to take the cable car back down for free we began our descent. We thought it had been steep going up, well, it was really steep going down and I think we all took at least one tumble on the way down.

At the bottom we waited for the bus and began a deep conversation about returning to places we visit. JEss and I had spent a lot of time in san Martin romanticising about returning in the summer, camping and enjoying the beautiful landscapes in the summer. But as we waited for the bus we asked ourselves whether we ever would come back to these places again? Would we hvae the time, the money, the freedom to do these things again?

As we waited for the bus the clouds started to clear, and as the bus pulled up I made a snap decision to go back up the hill and see the view again without the clouds. Nina and Jess didn´t fancy it, but after our deep conversation I just had to go back up for the blue sky. I jumped on the cable car and made my way back up.

This time, the view was far more worthy of it´s UNESCO title. It still wasn´t perfectly clear, but the view was much better than it first was. As I sat and enjoyed the view alone I was happy with my last minute decision to go back to enjoy the view. The girls were jealous when I met up with them later and showed them my photos!

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