Thursday, 16 July 2009

Arriving in Bariloche in style, 28 June 2009

Bariloche is about 5 hours south of San Martin. It is a popular ski destination for Argentinians and people all over the world.

Arriving in Bariloche was hilarious... Jess and I knew that we could reach the hostel zone by taking bus 10 from the terminal... however, we didn´t know where to get off the bus. We knew the street name we were looking for so we spent the entire bus ride craning our necks to read the street signs as the bus passed by.

As the bus made its way into Bariloche centre more and more people got on the bus.

We drove through what looked to be the centre of town, but suprisingly no one got off the bus in the centre. We assumed that Bariloche must be quite a big town and that what we thought was the centre was actaully the beginnings of the town.

Just as we relaxed into bus ride we noticed the street name we had been searching for, the bus stopped just after it and JEss and I got up to get off the bus, but we were surrounded by people, in a can of sardines literally, and we both had our big,massive backpacks.

No one would move for us at all, no one could move for us.

Before we could get out of our seats the bus had set off again, we shouted the driver to stop but with the noise of a full bus our voices were lost.

AS the bus set off again JEss took a stumble and showered the woman next to her with the contents of her water bottle.

We were both in fits of giggles, but we still weren´t off the bus.

We still had to battle our way through the aisle of the bus,through all the people. We stuggled and struggled and eventually made our way to the back, after missing 3 more stops! Seriously this bus was packed.

When we finally reached the back of the bus we got off at the first available opportunity. Relieved that we were off the bus we fell about in giggles of relief and relived the moment when JEss´s bottle poured everywhere.

Then we saw a sign saying we were 5km from the centre! 5km! As soon as the thought of walking back entered our heads it quickly left again. We found what we thought was a bus stop. We waited and waited and waited and no bus passed.

Then we saw a cab which we instantly flagged down. The cab took us directly to the hostel street and we checked out a couple of hostels before we picked out one with an incredible view over Lake Nahuel Huapi.

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