Monday, 29 June 2009

The worst hostel in the world ever

I hate to say it but our hostel in Sydney is the worst place I have ever stayed. It wasn¨t bad because it was in the middle of King-s Cross (the centre for all the prostitutes and sex clubs), it had a heater, a fridge, a tv, a dvd player, it had all the mod cons and breakfast was included. But the thing that was bad about this place, the thing that makes it the worst hostel in the world is.... the tannoy! Yes a tannoy. So at 9.30pm every evening the tannoy is used by some drunken buffoon who announces: ¨Bar crawl leaves in ten minutes guys, vodka redbulls for 5 dollars, get your gladrags on and lets go PARTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!¨ Errr... I think I¨ll pass on that one and stay in with a bottle of wine!

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