Monday, 29 June 2009

Wine, wine, wine, 7 June 2009

Looking back now, I think Gwil probably regrets taking me to the winery. But our trip to the winery does make for a funny story.

Sunday in Perth was Wine Day and we jumped on a mixture of buses and taxis to get to Lamonts winery on the Swan River.

Now, if you don´t know, Gwil works offshore on boats and when he was on one boat for a long stint he got really chummy with the Chef called Scotty. Now Scotty´s partner Fiona is part of the Lamont family and runs the Lamont Winery in Margaret River and the Swan Valley. Fiona also has the restaurant that we visited on Friday night. So Gwil has become a bit of a local down at Lamonts Winery as a friend of the owners.

We rocked up after lunch, but we hadn´t eaten lunch. This was a whole different side to Perth, there were hundreds of vineyards all around and it was lovely countryside.

We took up our post at the bar and Scotty started pouring the wine for us to taste. And he kept pouring and pouring and pouring. I know your not supposed to drink all the wine at these wine tasting things, and i know your supposed to use the spittoon thing, but it´s not long since I was a student, and I can´t let myself waste good wine in that way! I tasted some lovely, lovely, lovelyy red, white and sparkling winese. We ate amaazing olives as a snack. +

I was really good at fizzing the wine over my tongue to get the full flavours, although it didn´t go down too well when i announced i could taste carrot in one wine!

When the wine tasting seesion had ended and the other customers had left Gwil and I were dragged behind the bar to help clean the glasses. Love it. I was right at home. Once the staff had left Scotty gave us more wine and a guided tour of all the cellars. I learnt a lot about wine and how the flavours develop and the aging processes and all things like that. It was really interesting and all made sense. It was a really great day sampling wine, touring the cellars and learning all about the wine making.

In the evening, things turned... When we got back to Gwil´s flat we drank some more wine and then i fell asleep. I was woken up with a bowl of tuna pasta. When I woke up I was in a confused state and didn´t know where I was. I was terrified and upset and so I broke into a hysterical fit of tears and tantrums. I was crying and whimpering that I hated tuna pasta (not true). Gwil didn´t know what to do with me, but he managed to get me into bed where I fell back to sleep again.

I woke up the next morning with only a blurry memory of the previous evening. Gwil informed me that I was hysterical and scared and inconsolable. He also told me that after declaring that I hated tuna pasta, was forcing myself to eat it so that I could take my malaria tablet. Poor Gwil was telling me that I didn´t have to eat the pasta if I didnt want to, and I was there amid sobs insisting that i had to eat it so i could take my malaria pill. I then proceded to pour water into my tuna pasta so that i couldn´t eat any more.

What a mess! All we could do was laugh! And thankfully Gwil was able to laugh at his ´possessed´girlfriend too. I´d say that I didn´t drink THAT much, but I probably did. Lesson learnt 1: wine tasting is bad. Lesson learnt 2: I do not like tuna pasta.

AFTER NOTE: Does this note make me sound like a psychopath? or a drunk? or both? I think I was just woken up from a deep sleep after drinking a tad too much. It was pretty funny though.

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