Monday, 29 June 2009

A wet day in Sydney, 14 June 2009

We were a bit silly really, we went to the Aquarium on a beautiful sunny day when we should haev saved it for a wet weather day. So when the wet weather hit us we didnt really know what to do. We rode on the monorail to Paddy¨s market but we quickly left when i realised it was just another market with the same old tat as i¨d seen in Asia. So we got back on the monorail and rode around some more. Then we went to the space and technology museum which was quite cool but not as fun as the dinosaurs in Perth.

That evening we treated ourselves to an amazing dinner. A fish platter at a lovely restaurant in Darling Harbour. We had oysters, mussels, white fish, octopus, calamari, loads of fish! It was incredible! And we had a freee bottle of wine thrown in too! Woop!

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