Monday, 29 June 2009

Two very different nights out in Hong Kong town, 1 & 2 June 2009

My first night in Hong Kong involved my bed. After my full on walking tour of Hong Kong I had to crash and sleep.

After the day in Macau Ted and I hit the town to try a recommended bar on the 40th Floor of a tower block in the centre of Soho. Now to explain, Ted lives in LA and lives a VERY LA lifestyle. This bar that was recommended to him by one of his friends and was VERY LA, and quite unlike any bar I have been to on this trip so far. The bar was called Azures and was truly beautiful in its decor and design. It was so incredibly stylish that I felt completely out of place in my flip flops, sun dress and without make up. The best bit about this bar was definitely the outdoor terrace. On the 40th Floor we were literally in the heart of the city. With all the tower blocks lit up around us it was beautiful (although impossible place to capture on camera). I am a true advocate of enjoying a city from street level, but from this aspect the city looked truly amazing. If I hadn´t already fallen in love with Hong Kong I had at this point. Such a beautiful place to relax, people watch and enjoy a Mojito.

So from a very plush and stylish bar on my second night, my third night in Hong Kong took me to the opposite... With a couple of cans of beer bought from 7/11 myself, Ted, Meghan, Meghan´s friend Ruth (born and bred in Hong Kong) and Ted´s Ozzie friend Mat headed up to the roof of the IFC (International Finance Centre). On the roof of the IFC there are cosy seats where anyone can go and sit and chill, and where anyone can go up and drink! Literally the evening cost about a pound but with our tinnies in our hand we enjoyed some lovely views of the city. Maybe not quite as cool as Azures but it was definitely a great place to enjoy Hong Kong from.

Like I said two very different nights out, one night cocktails, the other cans of beer, but both were equal in there amazingness. Maybe it´s because Hong Kong is just so cool that even cheap skanky nights out (equivalent maybe to drinking cider in a park) are amazing.

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