Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Teppenyaki and heels

Id never heard of Teppenyaki until I got to Shanghai. We were sat watching infomercicals at Kaths flat when we first arrived and up popped this FUNYAKI thing. It was an amzing informercial, brilliantly tacky with all false promises and lies. I was like "What is this?" and Kath replied htat it was like Teppanyaki which we were due to eat at on Friday night - eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want for 16pounds! AMAZING!

It was out lastnight in Shanghai and we dressed up big style... well as big style as you can when your back pack is your wardrobe... and I WORE HEELS. Magically kath has the samesize feet as me and i grabbed a pair of pretty stilletoes to set my dress off to a tee.

The food itself was amazing. We ate goose liver, eel, mackerel, crab, salmon, steak, squid, sushi, LOTS OF SUSHI, scallops. It was a feast. And to wash it down we ahd copious amounts of saki and plum wine! IT was a delightful evening and lovely way to end our trip in Shanghai.

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