Wednesday, 17 June 2009

So... Hong Kong, 31 May 2009

I have wanted to travel to Hong Kong for soooo many years! So. Many. Years.

And now Im here.

Ive just had an amazing day exploring this awesome city. I started off following the Lonely Planets HKG walking tour, but when I realised how easy it was to navigate this tiny city I ditched the guide book and made my own way.

Start: 10.30am

Chunking Mansions - the standard backpacker place in Kowloon, the cheapest place to stay in Hong Kong. I actually stayed next door in Mirador Mansions as the rooms are just as cheap but supposedly nicer. My dorm was prison-like but it was cheap soI was happy.

Avenue of the Stars - The Equivalent of Hollywoods Walk of Fame. Handprints in the floor and everything. Unfortunately I didnt know many of the actors so I walked as far as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee before turning back. Enjoyed some amazing views of the city landscape on Hong Kong Island.

New World Centre - A shopping mall with a nice hotel. I went in here to find an ATM and got very lost.

Hong Kong Museum of Art - Amazing Louis Vuitton exhibition including luggage pieces, the history of the LV monogram and its manipulations as well as some amazing random exhibits selected by LV designers. Very cool. Also contains some great Chinese Calligraphy and Illustrations.

Former KCR CLock Tower - Just a big clock.

Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island - Oh my god I love this. Just 12pence a ride and its amazing. Its only a 12 minute ride over but it is the best view of Hong Kong and it feels very HOng Kong-ese to travel on it. Definitely beats the subway any day!

Eat Lychees in the harbour.

Walk along Harbour View Street for views of Kowloon Island. Not quite as good views as those of Hong Kong Island, but still very cool.

Western Market - A very British market complete with a red telephone box.

Hollywood Road - The road with all the antiques and nothing to do with Hollywood.

Into Soho - All the cool bars where the trendy people go.

Pedestrian Escalator - Hong Kong Island is on a big slope and so an escalator was installed to aid commuters on their walk to work. In the morning the escalators go downwards and in the evening they go back up the hill. Its all to save the legs of the workers. Brilliant idea. I rode the escalator to the top and then walked down to the...

Botanical Gardens and the ZOO! - Not the best zoo in the world but it had a few cool monkeys. Although they were very sleepy in the heat.

Peak TRam - From the Zoo I headed to the Peak Tram which takes you to the top of the hill that looks down over Hong Kong city. It was an amzing view looking down onto the city.

Hong Kong Park - a lovely little park surrounded by skyskrapers. An oasis of calm in the middle of the hustle bustle.

Star Ferry - Back to Kowloon

Temple Street Night Market - the place to pick up some touristy bits and some great Cantonese food.

Bed - After so much walking I was knackered and bed was calling by 9.00pm.

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