Monday, 29 June 2009

So.... 29th June 2009

The last time that I was able to get on the Internet was back in Pucon in Chile, and I could only stay for ten minutes because my bladder was fit for bursting adn the dumb Internet café did not have a toilet! Grr. Hence I wrote a really feeble piece about Macau.
To summarise Macau was a really cool place to visit, i think this was aided by the fact that i had absolutely zero expectations about the city and so was blown away by it.

So, right now I am sat at a computer with the sun blaring in my eyes looking out over the lake in Barriloche (Argentina) and I am planning to catch up with my blog for all the time I´ve missed (which is about the last 4 weeks). It´s gunna be a long stint so get ready for it.

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