Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sichuan Food, 20 June 2009

Sichuan cusine is famous for its hot, hot, HOT flavours. We only tried the true local Sichuan flavours once. Believe me, once was enough.

We actually tried it by accident. Before going into the BHudda complex at Leshan we grabbed what we thought would be a quick snack of noodles. How wrong we were.

These noodles were not hot, no, they were more than hot and they burned. Both of our mouths were tingling like nothing we had ever experienced before, ever. It was such an insane sensation. We had to throw most of the noodles away.

Thrirty minutes after the initial mouthfuls our mouths weres till tingling.

Sichuan food is quite simply hot beyond pleasant.

I have since found out that the hot ingredient in sichuan cooking is not actually chillie but sichuan pepper, hence the strange tingling sensation that you experience when yuo eat it.

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