Monday, 29 June 2009

Shoe Dilemma, 2 June 2009

I´ve soemhow managed to acquire lots of pretty dresses on my travels so far. All of which were purchased on the premise that I would need nice (non-backpackery) clothes when I got Perth. But there is one slight downfall to the dresses... none of them look cool with either flip flops or walking boots.

You know what that means... SHOE SHOPPING! Except, shoe shopping is really hard for me in Asia. A size 7 shoe is deemed giant and so finding shoes is an impossibility. I trudged through loads of markets in Hong Kong to find a pair that were nice and that actually fitted. It didn´t happen. Nowhere could I find anything that I liked or that fit.

And then, I went to M and S. Good ole M and S! Size 7 and a ½, black patent, pointy toe, no heel, slingbacks! Perfecto! Shoe dilemma solved.

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